Tips for overcoming PUBG mobile lag on Xiaomi phones | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

Tips for overcoming PUBG mobile lag on Xiaomi cellphones – Currently, smartphone users, especially Xiaomi smartphone users, are not surprised about the PUBG Mobile game which was released in 2017, but the game has only been popular in 2018 to 2019, the PUBG Mobile game has an increase in enthusiasts, which means the game PUBG Mobile is just gaining popularity or has just gone global.

In this article, Xiaomi Indonesia will provide tips for PUBG Mobile for Xiaomi. So that when you play the PUBG Mobile game you don’t experience lag. The following are tips for overcoming PUBG mobile lag on Xiaomi cellphones

1. Update MIUI ROM and run Game Booster

If you are still using the default xiaomi rom, please update miui to Miui 9 or 10. Run the game booster feature. That way the xiaomi rom will set the graphics to be able to work harder to play the PUBG game.

2. Install GFX tool

This one tool is the most favorite tool for PUBG mobile players. My experience using this tool is quite helpful. After installing you will be directed to several PUBG game settings menus that you want to play. Choose the lowest setting. Starting from choosing the lowest resolution, selecting a low frame per second (fps) of 20 or 30 fps.

With settings like that you will get the experience of playing PUBG mobile no longer broken.

If the method above still lags, try the last method below

1. Change Android ROM to Custom ROM

Rom is the operating system that runs your Android smartphone. With the xiaomi default rom there may be a few things that are less able to run game applications like PUBG. Therefore, the developers appear. They develop software to be able to run applications better, besides that other benefits can also be felt by changing the appearance of your android.

By installing a custom rom you will feel an increase in performance on your smartphone. Features that are not very useful will be trimmed, and features that are required will be improved in performance.

That’s the article about Tips for Overcoming PUBG mobile lag on Xiaomi cellphones, hopefully you will feel better PUBG game performance, and last but not least, make sure your internet network when playing games is also stable. Thank you