Tips for Replacing Broken Screen On Samsung S7 Edge

Tips for Replacing Broken Screen On Samsung S7 Edge

Tips for Replacing Broken Screen On Samsung S7 Edge – Although Samsung has good screen quality on each of its smartphones, especially above the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge class, in fact the damage is still approaching, especially damage due to collisions that cause the screen to crack or break.

The cracked case is usually located at the end of the bezel or the corner of the smartphone right at the curve of the screen. Because indeed in this section the screen is not protected by the bezel. If the smartphone is dropped and the side falls at that angle, it can be ascertained that the screen is cracked or broken. Indeed, the LCD screen will still function, including the touchscreen, but from a visual perspective, it is certainly not comfortable for us to see it.

Tips for Replacing Broken Screen On Samsung S7 Edge

Well, below is a case of a damaged Samsung S7 Edge on the screen. The first tip is to open the backcase first because the S7 backcase is made of glass, so it must be opened carefully because it is still difficult to get an original replacement. Then heat around the backcase and only slowly lift it from the top using an iron plate or a thin knife.

If there is a gap after you lift it with a thin knife, just open it using a used card or like an ATM/KTP and others. Do this until the glass opens. After the backcase is open, we unscrew the bolts using a special screwdriver, place the bolts in a safe place so they don’t get lost. Next, open the plastic engine cover, flexible for wireless charging and cover the charging plate.

Then we open all the connectors connected to the machine carefully and don’t let anything get stuck and be pulled roughly. To be safer, first check whether the connectors or flexible have all been removed before lifting the engine. If it’s been removed, just remove the LCD which is in the package with the salty frame, aka the middle bezel, including the flexibility. Then install it with a new LCD.

Before closing, make sure that the touchscreen function is functioning properly. If it is working properly then we put back the engine cover and any components that have been removed earlier. To install the backcase, use the new double tip glue until it sticks like before.

Done your Samsung S7 Edge smartphone is back again. However, a little note from us needs to be remembered that this S7 smartphone is water and dust certified, but there needs to be caution after you replace the LCD, maybe the adhesive on the backcase is not as good as the factory default so that liquid can enter. Always be aware.