Tips for Streamlining Browsing You Should Know Early on

The world of browsing has become a part of our daily life to find useful information from the internet. However, it is rare for people to do this browsing every day, sometimes we workers don’t have time to do time where we have to browse with other interesting news and will add insight as well.

If you already know how to browse smoothly, then you don’t have to worry anymore. Well, but if you don’t know how to streamline browsing so that the work you’re doing doesn’t get messy.

Here, the admin has summarized the Tips for Streamlining Browsing, Check it out below:

  1. Avoid Rush Hours. If possible, don’t browse during this rush hour. example at 08.00 s / d 16.00 (usually during working hours). so that your browsing is not stuck in cyber traffic jams because at that time most people access the internet and then the browsing that we use becomes slow.
  2. Add Browser Cache. When you visit a site such as and, IE places the HTML code (Hypertext markup language) and graphics from the site in the cache. Cache helps IE work at its best to be faster when you click a button Back. What you should know, so that browsing becomes faster you need to allocate an adequate amount for the cache as follows: from the menu tools, choose Internet Options , then General tab. in section Temporary Internet Files, click Settings. Under Amount of disk space to use, drag the button to the right. Here you can allocate 5% of the space on your hard disk for cache.
  3. Does Not Display Animations and Multimedia. The point here is that animations may make browsing fun, but this method greatly aggravates the performance of the browser you are using. this way you should just disable animations that don’t need to be used, how do you disable this animation? . Click tools, choose Internet Options, and click Advanced tab slide the screen down (scroll down) so that it reaches the multimedia, uncheck the option Play Animations by clicking on the box, then click Ok. now your browser will only take the first frame of each GIF so the image that appears does not move. Similarly, to turn off sound and video, clear the check box in the
  4. Delete All Saved Browser History The habit of every person after browsing in the browser, they just leave junk files or browser spam stored in the history pad. To do this cleaning, it’s quite easy to use the C’Cleaner application. If you don’t have C’Cleaner on your laptop, it’s recommended to download it immediately below.Oh yes also download the software IDM Optimizer following:

Setup C’Clenaer Get C’Clenaer PRO

C’Cleanerdescription : CCleaner is a free utility tool that is used to optimize your computer and clean its registry.

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