Tips to Overcome Samsung Hp Hanging Can’t Be Turned Off

Tips to Overcome Samsung Hp Hanging Can't Be Turned Off

Tips to Overcome Samsung Hp Hanging Can’t Be Turned Off – Maybe you’ve experienced things that make you angry, you’re playing games, watching videos on your cellphone, surfing the internet, social media, suddenly your cellphone hangs and can’t do anything, you can’t press the back button, the home button can’t and worse when it is turned off by pressing the power button it can’t either. I want to remove the battery, but the cellphone now is complicated to remove the body because it uses a built-in battery so the body is installed so tightly and firmly not to mention that the waterproof and dust resistant one is definitely stronger. Ehmm, as a result, I panicked, sometimes the cellphone was slammed and hit with a hand while saying it was just annoying.

Maybe someone has brought it to the counter, it’s said to be badly damaged and had to replace the EMMC (Trick for the service person). Hehehe. There must be someone who isn’t satisfied, right, because to replace the EMMC, the money is quite large, especially since the cellphone is still new. Then how? Asking the counter or other service places almost the answer like that.

So don’t really panic. If your cellphone is a Samsung brand, maybe you haven’t tried our exact method and we’ve done it several times and it worked not only for Samsung cellphones, we’ve also tried it on Xiaomi cellphones and it worked, precisely on the Xiaomi Redmi 3S cellphone. But this time we will focus on the Samsung Galaxy of various types.

So the method is quite simple, friend, according to our analysis and from various sources that we know, this hang is not solely directed at hardware damage but also software failure at work. So this can be done quite easily here’s how,

1. Make sure the cellphone still hangs if it doesn’t hang, you don’t need it anymore. hihihi
2. Wait a while so the screen will sleep and try to wake up the screen and if it wakes up usually the cellphone doesn’t hang anymore.
3. But if it still hangs then you just press the power button and volume down for about 15 seconds then your cellphone will restart itself.
4. Done dech

Tips to Overcome Samsung Hp Hanging Can't Be Turned Off

This method is usually done by hp service masters. It’s quite simple, bro. But if this method doesn’t help your cellphone, the best way is to remove the battery. If it’s complicated, you have to do it. Open the rear body cover and you just remove the battery connector if the battery is planted and wait a while before plugging it in again and the cellphone can be turned on again. Oh, don’t forget to analyze to prevent why your cellphone often hangs. Maybe there is a full application effect or something.

Hopefully this information can be useful for all of my friends whose Samsung cellphones hang and can’t be turned off. Our message if it hangs and the cellphone can’t be turned off, don’t throw it right away, friend (many users are like that). It’s been slammed by the cellphone instead of getting it right, it’s even more damaged. Maybe you can try this method first, you won’t lose much if it works. hehehe. See you again, friend, next time.