Toluna Points Expired For Long Time No Rewards Can Be Redeem

Expired toluna points cannot be exchanged for gifts

Is there an expiration date on reward points in Toluna? the answer is yes, and this is what the admin has experienced for a long time after not opening the Toluna online survey site and as a result tens of thousands of admin points are forfeited and cannot be used anymore.

At first it was like this, after months of not logging in to Toluna, the admin was surprised when he saw the total number of admin points on the dashboard was only “0 points”, even though as far as the admin remembers, the last time I logged in was still in the tens of thousands or around 30 thousand more.

And the 30 thousand Toluna points when exchanged for a nominal shopping voucher of Rp. 25,000 can get 2 vouchers and even then there is still left.

But is it okay to make goat tai whole or a more popular saying is that the rice has turned into porridge and must be accepted and accepted, especially since this is the admin’s own fault.

Is there a notification of expired Toluna points via email?

Apparently not, and after the admin tried to check the email registered with Toluna until the old email in 2018 was nothing but an email from Toluna which contained an invitation to take an online survey only.

And because there is no notification stating that the points will expire soon, users don’t realize it, especially for people who are really busy with other things who don’t have time and even forget to log in for months.

Tips so that Toluna reward points don’t expire and can be exchanged for gifts

After the Toluna user’s status points have expired, the user can no longer use the points, let alone exchange them for gifts such as electric credit or shopping vouchers.

Because in the details of the reward points, all the points will be automatically deducted by the Toluna system, and even in the case that the admin experienced the number was only 0 points because even though the reduction is done in stages according to the expiration date from the time the points are earned and entered into the Toluna account.

So the tip so that Toluna reward points don’t expire so they can be exchanged for a variety of attractive prizes is to login at least once a month.

How long do points expire on Toluna?

Although this information is not promoted to Toluna members so that many of them do not know and do not understand, but it is actually written clearly on the official page “Toluna Terms of Use and Membership“.

The following is an excerpt directly from the old Toluna Indonesian terms and service site which is addressed at

Points Expiration Is 16 Months

“When Points are credited to your account, Points will remain valid for one year and four months (16 months) from the date of acquisition. If after this period the Points are not used, they will automatically expire and be deleted from your account.”

“This deduction will always occur towards the end of the month, usually on the 28th day. For example, if you earned Points on March 15 2019, they will be removed from your account on July 28, 2020, if they are still in your account. Points cannot be redeemed after expiration date.”

“In addition, all of your Points will immediately expire and be deemed lost if you cancel your account with Toluna or if your account becomes “inactive”. To become an active member means that you have joined Toluna and participated in a Survey or other activity on this Site within 6 months of your initial registration or otherwise within the previous 12 months.”

“Toluna will not notify you of any cancellation and deletion of any of your Points. Toluna reserves the right to change these cancellation and deletion rules at its sole discretion.”