Tutorial Filmora 9 from Layman to Advanced [Bagian 3] – Editing/Adjusting Images

The third Filmora 9 tutorial is how to edit images. This third Filmora 9 tutorial is a continuation of the previous Filmora 9 tutorial, which is editing audio. If you want to learn the previous tutorial, you can learn the first tutorial Tutorial Filmora 9 from Layman to Advanced [Bagian 1] – Editing Videos, and second Tutorial Filmora 9 from Layman to Advanced [Bagian 2] – Editing Audio/Sound

Alright, let’s go straight to the discussion of the third part of this Filmora tutorial, which contains the following:

  1. Adding Images to Video Tracks
  2. Add Images to Overlay or Stack
  3. Editing Images

1. Add Images to Video Tracks

There are two ways to add images to a video track. Way first is to position the Playhead in the location of the image that you will insert, right click on your image in media library, and select Insert. If you want to add an image to the end of the video, then you can choose Append (add to the end).

Way second is the input / import image into Media Library, then drag the image from Media Library to the timeline where you want it.

If your picture is not full or there is a black part around the picture in Preview, here’s how to remove it:

Click menu File and select Settings. In the settings section Settings , click tab Editing and then set in section Photo Placement and click the sign on then select Crop to Fit or Pan & Zoom. After setting these settings, the images or photos that you input will automatically adjust the screen.

Editing Settings - Set Wondershare Filmora9 images

Image of photo placement settings on Filmora 9

Notes: If you want to insert an image into the middle of a video clip, you must first cut the clip where you want to insert the image, then you can enter the desired image.

2. Add Images to Overlay or Stack

The way to add images to stack is by dragging the image you want to (video track) above the Video Clip track that will be stacked.

Image dragging photo/image

Note: Video track 1 is the bottom layer of the video. Whatever you add to the video track above it (video track 2 and above), then that image will be displayed. Suppose you have 3 tracks, then what is displayed on the screen is track 3 (the top track). In Wondershare Filmora9 you can add up to 100 video tracks.

3. Editing Images

a. Changing Image Duration

When you add an image to the Timeline, the duration of the displayed image has a default duration of 5 seconds, you can increase or decrease the display duration of the image.

There are two ways to change the image duration:

First, Drag the left or right edge of the image on the timeline (not the image in the preview) to change its duration.

To Change Image Duration

dragging edges to increase duration

Method Second, Right-click on the image you want to set the duration for, then select Duration to open the panel Duration Setting and enter the duration you want.

To Change Image Duration

change image duration in Filmora 9

b. Changing Image Position On Video

Drag and adjust the image in the preview to move it.

preview to move image

c. Rotating or Rotating Images

Double-click on an image in the timeline to open the Image pane. In section transforms, set section Rotare to rotate, and to change the size of the image, you can set it in the section Scales.

edit images in Filmora9

To flip the image, in the Flip click icon Horizontal Flip to flip the image from left to right or icon Vertical Flip.

d. Images and Videos Become Transparent or Composite

After adding an image as an overlay, you can also adjust the opacity (transparency) and add a blending mode (e.g. have the video you can see through the image darken or color behind it). the method is the same as setting the rotation or scale, it’s just that you set it on the Compositing.

e. Adjust Image Color

Double click the image and then switch to Tab Color. in section Color you can adjust tint, hue, contrast, saturation, and brightness. on this tab you can also apply 3D LUT effects. For more color setting, click button Advanced. Press the button OK to save your changes.

edit image color in Filmora9

Applying Motion Effects to Images

f. Motion effects add animation to your images.

To add a motion effect, on the timeline double click on the image you want to set and then switch to Motion Tab. please choose according to your wishes, to apply it just double click on each motion effect.

apply motion picture in Filmora9

Thus the tutorial for Filmora 9 from Lay to Advanced in this third part. Hope it is useful.