Tutorial Filmora 9 from Layman to Advanced [Bagian 5] – Add Effects to Video & Sound

After the basic filmora 9 tutorial from the first part to the fourth part, this fifth part of the Filmora 9 tutorial is an advanced Filmora 9 tutorial, which is setting effects on video and sound. With the effects on the video or sound that you make, of course, make your video clips look more interesting. Before learning this fifth part of the Filmora tutorial, you should first learn the basics of video editing with Filmora 9 in the first to fourth Filmora 9 tutorials.

This fifth part of the list of filmora 9 tutorial materials that will be discussed is:

Filters and Overlays

Elements, Transitions and Sound Effects

Tutorial Filmora 9 from Layman to Advanced [Bagian 5] – Add Effects to Video & Sound

1. Adding and Setting Filters/Overlays

There are three ways to add filters and overlays to videos.

  • The first way is to open the project you want to apply to the effect, click the tab Effects, then select the filter or overlay you want then right click select Apply to add effects to your project.

Applying Effects/filters in Filmora 9

  • The second way is to select the filter or overlay effect you want, then click the plus icon in the middle.
  • Drag the filter/overlay on the new track above the video track in the timeline, then drop it.

To set the duration of the effect or apply to all videos, you can drag the edge of the filter/overlay on the timeline. And to set the Opacity or transparency of the effect, you can double-click the video in the timeline and then on the settings view please set it in the Alpha.

Adjusting the transparency of the effect in filmora 9 tutorial tutorial

Notes: If you edit the ‘portrait’ (9:16) position clip in a 16:9 video, you can replace the black background with a blur effect.

2. Remove Filters/Overlays

There are two ways to remove filters or overlays from your project.

The first way Select a filter / overlay in the timeline then press Delete on the keyboard.

The second way is by right-clicking on the filter / overlay in the timeline and selecting Delete.

3. Searching for Filters/Overlays

All filters and overlays are sorted into themed categories (e.g. Faux Film or Bokeh Blurs) for easy discovery. Open the Effects menu and look at the categories on the left. or you can search for effects by typing the name of the effect on the search tab

Searching for filters and overlays in Filmora9

4. Added Filters/Overlays to Favorites list

Right click on the filter effect in the Effects menu and select Add to Favorite. Then, go to the Favorites category to quickly find it again.

Adding filters to favorites list in Filmora 9

5. Adding and Arranging Elements

Open tab Elements, then select the element you want to add to your project, then drag the element to the timeline directly.

To delete an element from the project, you can delete it directly by pressing the Delete key on the keyboard or by right-clicking on the element in the timeline and selecting delete. To add Eeemen to your favorites list, on the menu Elements buddy, just right click on the element and select Add to Favorite.

6. Adding and Setting Transitions

To add transitions between videos or images go to the tab Transition, then drag the transition you like onto the timeline between the two clips that you want to insert the transition. To apply the same transition to the whole project, you just right click on the transition you want to use and select Apply to All. This transition will be applied to all between two adjacent clips. To set the duration or delete the transition, it’s the same way when you set the effect or element.

7.Adding and Setting Sound Effects

Important to note: Music and sound effects in Filmora9 are for personal and non-commercial use only. If you want to monetize videos on Google Adsense, we recommend using free sound effects that are free to use.

To add sound effects to the project, the trick is to click the menu Audio and select category Sound Effects. Select the sound effect you want, then drag the sound effect onto the audio track in the timeline.

Added sound effects in Filmora 9

That’s the effect settings on the video in filmora 9 in this fifth tutorial. Hope it is useful.

Source: https://filmora.wondershare.com/