Tutorial Filmora 9 from Layman to Advanced [Bagian 6] – Get creative with Videos

This Filmora9 tutorial discusses advanced filmora9 editing methods to make your videos look more professional. After I discussed the effect settings in the fifth part of the tutorial, this part of the filmora9 tutorial I will discuss more. You can jump right away, just click on the table of contents below to jump straight to the bottom.

Topics for advanced Filmora 9 Tutorials:

  1. Pan & Zoom
  2. Stabilizing Shocked Videos
  3. Playing Video in reverse
  4. Taking Video into Photo Image
  5. Recording PC Screen
  6. Color Adjustment / Color Correction
  7. Green Screen Green screen

Tutorial Filmora 9 from Layman to Advanced [Bagian 6] – Advanced Editing Techniques

1. Pan & Zoom

Effect Pan and Zoom used to edit videos or photos to make it look as if the camera was zooming in/closer to the object. and shifting from one object to another. The steps to create the effect are:

  • Drag and drop the video onto the video track on the timeline.
  • Right click the video in the track and select Crop and Zoom.
  • Click tab Pan and Zoom, you will find two frames marked Start and End in the below section.
  • Choose a frame Start, please drag the corner of the clip, adjust the size for the beginning of the clip.
  • Choose a frame End then please adjust the size too. to see the results please click the play button.
  • Press the button OK to save the settings.

Creating pan or zoom effects in Filmora 9

Creating pan or zoom effects in Filmora 9

Notes: Swap button at the bottom right corner of the display to quickly switch start and end areas.

2. Stabilize Shocked Videos

If you have a video that shakes and shakes a lot, you just have to stabilize it by right-clicking the video clip in the timeline, and selecting Stabilization. then you will see the display Stabilization. Then wait for the process to reach 100%.

Stabilizing clip in filmora9

Stabilizing clip in filmora9

Drag the slider to adjust the smoothness level. Technically, the higher the number, the smoother the video will be.

Analyze-stable on filmora9

After you are satisfied with the results, you just click OK.

After stabilization, the new video will be automatically placed in the media library. you can drag and drop it to the timeline for further editing.

3. Playing Video in reverse

To play the video in reverse, drag and drop the video onto the video track. On view Costume Speed you can right click on the video or track, then select Speed ​​and Duration. Then check the option Reverse Speed.

Reverse video from toolbar in filmora9

Or you can also directly click the Speed ​​icon in the toolbar, and click Invert.

Reverse video from toolbar in filmora9

4. Capture Video into Photo Image

Here’s how to take a video clip and save it as a still image or still image.

  • Import the video clip into the Media Library, then drag it into the timeline.
  • Run the video with the click of a button Play in the preview view and then click Pause when it comes to the frame you want to shoot. Click the camera button below the preview view to take a snapshot. You can also click the camera button without stopping first.
Take screenshot of video editing tutorial in filmora 9

Take a screenshot in filmora 9

  • The snippet will be added as a still image in your Media Library. To find where the image is stored on the computer, right-click on the snapshot in the Media Library and select Reveal in Explorer.
  • To place and adjust the frozen image results, you just need to enter it into your timeline
  • the way to set the duration, time, or others is the same as setting the clip image or setting the text. You can see the rare details in the Filmora 9 tutorial, which I posted earlier.

How to Make a Frozen Frame

5. Recording PC Screen

The way to record my PC is discussed separately, my friend can learn more by clicking here.

6. Color Correction

Color adjustment, or more popularly referred to as color correction, is the process of changing or adjusting the colors in a video or photo.

The way to adjust or correct Advanced Colors is to double click on the video clip or image in the timeline. In the settings view please click the Color tab and then click the button Advanced in the below section.

Color Settings Tab in Filmora 9

There are two tabs in the window Advance Color Correction that is Presets and Adjust.

Tab Presets displays the color presets provided by Filmora. In this tab, you can quickly adjust the color by selecting the preset provided. But if you want to manually adjust all the lighting, coloring and other settings, you can select the tab Adjust.

Color Settings Tab in Filmora 9

7. Green Screen

Green Screen is a technique to make the video transparent, so that the visible background is the video behind. This technique is usually used to make cool videos like superheroes flying in the sky, or for example, if you want to make a video flying above a building, you can also use this technique. I’ve discussed more tutorials. please friends can learn click here

Thus the Tutorial Filmora 9 from Layman to Advanced Part 6. Hopefully useful.