Tutorial on Creating a Blog with Blogger [Bagian 1] – Creating Blogs and Posting Articles

The tutorial that I will discuss this time is a complete tutorial step by step how to create a blog using blogger until it becomes like a professional blogger. Before I discuss the tutorial on creating a blog with blogger, it is necessary to review a little about the benefits of blogging and why choosing blogger to create a blog.

What are the benefits of blogging?

As you know, the need to find information through digital is getting higher. For this reason, media is needed to meet these needs. One of the media used is a blog. The benefits of having a blog include:

  • Buddy can share personal information
  • Share your portfolio
  • Create an online shop
  • Creating online learning media (I specifically discussed in the last section)
  • Looking for income from blogging
  • and so forth

There are many platforms that you can use to create blogs such as Blogger, WordPress, etc. So why do we choose to use blogger.

Why do you use blogger? there are others…

Like the blog that you are reading, I created this blog using blogger. so what’s the reason I chose blogger to create a blog? this is the reason why i created a blog with blogger:

  • It’s free, this is the main reason I chose blogger, maybe my friend’s considerations are the same as mine. Hahaha
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • It’s safe, because the developer is Google, we don’t need to set up a security system like making a website.
  • Integration with GMail, most friends who use Android must already have Gmail.
  • Can earn money from google advertising affiliate programs such as Google Adsense to earn income
  • Domain can change domain a higher level domain (TDL) such as .com or .id. easily, like the domain of this blog, I changed it to luwungdesign.com

After knowing the benefits of blogs and knowing the reasons why you choose blogger to create a blog, we will immediately discuss how to create a blog with blogger.

Tutorial on Creating a Blog with Blogger [Bagian 1] – Create a Blog

1. Create a Blog with Blogger

  • Set up Gmail for Login. If you don’t have a Gmail email, you can open the tutorial easy way to create email with Gmail, or just click here.
  • Open the site https://blogger.com/ in a browser,
  • If you want to change the language to Indonesian, please see the language / language options below right, change it to Indonesian.

Display language selection

  • Next, enter your email and password to enter blogger.com

Google login display

  • Enter the display name of your blog, this name is the name of the profile on the blog, for example Kang zi. then click the button Continue to Blogger.

Profile Display Confirmation Display on Blogger

  • If successful, the Blogger Dashboard will appear. click button For New Blog to create a new blog. then click New Blog.

In the Blog List display window, please fill in the blog name in the Title column, enter the blog address in the Address column, and please select the blog display in the blog template option you want. then click Create a Blog.

Blog list settings view

  • Done, your blog can be used to share.


When you specify a blog address but it appears that the blog address is not available, please replace it with another address, because the address you entered already has one or is not available..

2. Get to know the Blogger Menu and Navigation

After we have successfully created a blog account, we need to know some of the menus available on the blogger dashboard page.

Menu on Blogger

The function of each menu button is as follows:

  • Posts : The menu contains commands to create new posts and view saved drafts, here you can manage all the contents of the blog that you create.
  • Statistics : In the menu you can see the number of visitors each day. in the menu you can also see the source of traffic and visitors.
  • Comment : Contains a list of visitor comments on the blog.
  • Page : Create a post in the form of a static page, usually used to create a contact page, privacy policy etc.
  • Layout : Here you can set the layout, whether it’s a menu, widget or something else that you made.
  • Theme : In this menu you can set and change the appearance of the blog page, here you can also import premium themes.
  • Settings : This menu contains several sub menu settings. In this menu you can set basic settings, posts, comments, email, language, browsing, account settings and general settings.

I will discuss the details of using the menu in the next part of the tutorial.

3. Entering/Creating Articles on the blog

After the blog that you created is finished, the next step is to enter articles on the blog that you have created. how to enter/post articles? The following are the steps for entering articles on a blog.

Steps to include articles on the blog.

Click button New Entry, until a page appears where you can type articles and add photos

Worksheet page view for writing articles

  • Arrange the articles with the command icons that are above the post settings window display. Buddy can enter an image, set the size, color and typeface and so on
  • Click save to save articles, and to publish click Publish

To see the results or the appearance of the blog that you created, please click the button View Blog above on the left under the name of your blog.

When you make an article, the copy from Microsoft Word, all the settings from Ms Word will be copied too. Please click the icon remove formatting to remove all formats in word so that it can be managed in blogger easily.

To find out the steps for posting articles in detail, please see the third part of this blog tutorial

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Thus the Tutorial on Creating a Blog with Blogger Part One – Creating a Blog and Posting Articles. Hope it is useful.