Tutorial on Using Viva Video to Create a Storyboard

Tutorial on Using Viva Video to Create a Storyboard

Definitely want to make good videos too. Today many applications are available to help create videos. Of course the application is easy to use and not complicated. One of the excellent applications that can help complete with tutorial using viva video.

Certainly no stranger to the viva video application as an application used to make videos more interesting. viva video can be used on Android phones so it’s easier. The application from viva video provides several interesting features that can be used to edit and create videos.

Have pictures or some photos can be made into storyboard unique and interesting. Creating a storyboard can be through tutorial using viva video so that the results are as desired. Storyboard is a collection of sketches, pictures or photos with a sequential arrangement that is adapted to the script so that the story can be conveyed.

How to make Storyboard Using the Viva Video App

Storyboard Tutorial

Some interesting features are provided by the viva video application to create images storyboard interesting and unique. Storyboards that rely on images and photos can be made into different storyboards. In the application there is a text feature that can be used and then use filters as well as there are funny dialogues.

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Following tutorial using viva video to make storyboard simply on Android:

1. Prepare the Concept

To make it easy to use viva video tutorials to make storyboards, it would be nice to prepare the concept first. With a concept that has been thought out and prepared carefully, it will make it easier to manufacture storyboard. For example, the concept of a storyboard with a romantic or funny theme.

2. Image or Photo Prepared

Concepts and themes storyboard Once selected, the next step is to prepare pictures or photos to be included in the video. So that it is easy to find and take pictures or photos used to make storyboard, you should create a special folder.

3. Opened and Entered Viva Video App

Open it and enter the viva video application, after that the first screen has two options, namely: “Edit” used to edit existing photos. Then the second one is “Slideshow” used to make storyboard. So, on step turorial using viva video, the selected menu is slideshow to create storyboards.

4. Choose Image or Photo

Choose the images that have been prepared and desired and adjusted to the order of the images you want to display on the video or storyboard. For the order according to taste, it can start from picture 1, picture 2 and so on so that it becomes a display of the picture sequence on the page storyboard. Finish selecting and entering then press “Done” on the right.

5. Choose Storyboard Theme and Music

For tutorial themes using viva video there is already a default theme, just choose it. Then music is also provided. If you want to change music, just edit by selecting “Music” menu then click the trash can image in the bottom right. After that click “Tap to add music” at the bottom next to the music symbol. There are 3 menu options, namely: My Music, Downloaded, and My Library.

Add music that has been prepared then select My Library will be listed all the music owned on the phone. Choose as you wish. Slide two white blocks as song of choice for storyboard. Then click “Add”.

6. Set Duration Storyboard

The tutorial step is to use viva video for storyboarding by setting sooner or later the available duration, namely features “Duration”. Just move as desired.

7. Add Text and Dialog

Text and dialogue as a sweetener for the storyboard then select the menu “Edit” symbol of scissors. Then select features “Text” then click “T+” at the bottom center. Here you can create text and dialogue that has been provided by viva video.

8. Save and Share Storyboard

Already completed tutorial using viva video make storyboards, then to save and share click “Share” top right corner then click “export to gallery”. Wait a few seconds.

Well, that’s tutorial using viva video to make storyboard interesting and unique as desired.