Tutorial to Make an Android Camera Like a DSLR with the Camera FV-5 Lite Application

Tutorial to Make an Android Camera Like a DSLR with the Camera FV-5 Lite Application


Do you a photography lover? But unfortunately the camera that you have only the camera from the mobile ‘android. Until you feel unable to produce image quality as good as a DSLR camera. Because it’s not the same as an Android camera like a DSLR. You You can use a third-party camera application that you can download on the Playstore. One of the applications is Camera FV-5 Lite with this application you can create an android camera like a DSLR and how to use it. Here’s the review

1. Make Android Camera Like DSLR With Exposure Triangle.

In photography, the Exposure Triangle is a visualization of how ISO, aperture and shutterspeed work together to get the best image results. You must be able to find a balance between the three to expose the image properly. Changing each of these elements will affect the image quality.

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2. Make an Android Camera Like a DSLR Using ISO

ISO (International Organization of Standardization) is the element responsible for standardizing sensitivity ratings for camera sensors. Changing the ISO when shooting will determine how sensitive the sensor is to light. If the ISO is lower, the sensor will become less sensitive to light, meaning you have to make the aperture wider or slow down the shutterspeed. So at the same time, the image will be cleaner.

3. Make an Android Camera Like a DSLR Using Shutter Speed

One way to make an Android camera like a DSLR is to set the shutter speed. The camera system has a shutter that covers and opens the sensor. Shutterspeed determines the length of time this shutter will remain open to allow more light to reach the sensor. If the shutter speed is faster, it will result in less exposure, but will produce a sharper image.

4. Make an Android Camera Like a DSLR Using Aperture

Aperture controls how wide or narrow the aperture in the camera system is. The diaphragm is the hole through which light must pass to reach the sensor. A wider aperture can increase exposure, which will reduce the depth of field and blur the background or foreground.

While a narrower aperture will keep the image in focus. But you have to replace the lost exposure by modifying the shutterspeed or ISO. In this case, a number at a larger aperture indicates a narrower aperture, for example f/1.8 is wider than f/2.8.

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