Types of Android Existing in Indonesia in 2020

Types of Android Existing in Indonesia in 2021


Today, Android has become one of the important needs that must be owned by all Indonesian people. The reason is not to look cool or stylish, but some of the features in the Android have important functions in supporting the needs and needs of the Indonesian people on a daily basis. What’s more, nowadays there are various kinds of androids that exist in Indonesia has mushroomed in all corners of the country.

The selection of android is seen from the form of display on the android body that is owned, the features in it, the speed of data access, and the quality of sharpness and lighting of the camera. multitasking,so it really gives value to the satisfaction of its users. By having the desired android, you can also support your appearance. Here are the various types of the best androids in Indonesia, including:

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

One of the categories which is kinds of android exist in Indonesia is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. In the core components in it, this Android uses a kitchen runway system with the Exynos 990 type which is new and has a significant lens and ultrawide 12 MP.

I-Phone SE 2020

Next, which is the best android with a lot of fans in it is the I-Phone SE 2020. This android has body The best that has adopted from the interesting features of the iPhone type 8 series with components on the button touch ID as well as Home that can be embedded. In addition, this android is also equipped with a runway style with a type model Apple Bionic A13 with iPhone 11 series and iPhone10 with 12 MP lens.

Xiomi Mi Note 10 Pro

This Android has an interesting type. Among them kinds of android exist is to offer complete features with extraordinary camera quality with a capacity at a resolution of 108 MP. In addition, the settings button has been supported with penta camera which combines a 12 MP telephoto lens, a 108 MP main lens, a 5 MP telephoto, 2 MP macro, and ultrawide of 20 MP. Fast charger by 300 watt.

This is accurate and reliable information about kinds of android exist in Indonesia in 2020. In fact, there are many more types of android with extraordinary quality and multitasking, it all depends on one’s budget in buying it and the power of interest they have. Hopefully this info can be entertaining, and good luck using the android!