Understanding CD or DVD ROM and its Functions

CD-ROM is an acronym for (“compact disc read-only memory”) is a compact disc of the type of optical disc (optical disc) that can store data. The size of data that can be stored today can reach 700 MB or 700 million bytes. CD-ROM is read only (read only, and not writeable). To be able to read the contents of a CD-ROM, the main tool needed is a CD Drive. The development of the latest CD-ROM allows CDs to be written over and over again (Re Write or RW) which is better known as CD-RW.

Understanding CD or DVD ROM and its Functions

Understanding CD-ROM

CD-ROM stands for Compact Disk Read Only Memory which means that the CD-ROM drive can only be used to read a CD. Broadly speaking, CD-ROM is divided into 2 according to its type, namely: ATA or IDE and SCSI. the most underlying from the difference is the speed. If ATA has a speed of 100-133 Mbps while SCSI has a speed of approximately 150 Mbps. For the SCSI type, it is usually found on CR-RW drives. On the CD ROM there is 56X writing, meaning the ability to provide data transfer speeds of 56×150 Kbps. Types of CD-RW are also usually distinguished based on the ability to burn and read. CD RW type 12x8x32 means that it has the ability to burn on CD R as fast as 12x, burn on CD RW as fast as 8x, and read CD R/CD RW/with a maximum speed of 32x.

CD-ROM function

It has been explained that CD ROM means that a hardware can only read CDs. In addition to these basic uses, CD ROM is also used to install an OS (Operating System), Game, or other software. Or boot when entering the OS if a system does not want to run.

Definition of CD-RW

CDRW is a drive that has the ability to read CDs and is also capable of writing blank CDs

CD-RW function

The CD-RW Drive uses a red laser beam to write information from the computer to recording discs, either CD-R discs, which cannot be erased, or CD-RW discs, which can be erased and recorded about 1000 times. create audio CDs, which can be played on almost any player, or data discs, which are useful for backing up or transferring files.

Definition of DVD ROM

DVD comes from the word Digital Versatile Disc. As the name implies, DVD is a digital storage medium whose contents are very varied. Its shape is very similar to CD. The difference is that DVD can play movies, audio is better and with more data and a faster process than CD. DVD is also capable of storing other data such as photos or information data from a computer.

DVD-ROM function

Drive means drive or player.DVD ROM DRIVE means drive or player on a DVD ROM. This device has the exact same physical form as a CD ROM DRIVE but has a different function. The function of DVD ROM DDRIVE is to read data or programs.on.DVD. .

Definition of DVD-RW

A DVD-RW is a rewritable optical disc that has the same capacity as a DVD-R, usually 4.7 GB. This format was developed by Pioneer in November 1999 and has been approved by the DVD Forum. Unlike DVD-RAM, DVD-RW can be played on about 75% of regular DVD players.

DVD-RW Fungsi function

The DVD-RW Drive uses a red laser beam to write information from the computer to recording discs, either DVD-R discs, which cannot be erased, or DVD-RW discs, which can be erased and recorded approximately 1000 times.

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