Understanding Hardware, Software and Brainware

In a computer we will find the term “Hardware, Software and Brainware”, especially in the world of education which we may often hear but maybe some of you readers still don’t understand what the three terms mean.

On this occasion I will share a little information about what I know from Hardware, Software and Brainware.


Understanding Hardware or Hardware is a component on a computer that can be seen and touched physically. So, the physical appearance of the computer can be called as Hardware or Hardware. Examples of Hardware are as follows:


Hardware devices consist of 3 types, namely:

  1. Input/Input Devices: Is the hardware used to enter (Input) instructions from the computer user (User). Examples are Keyboard, Mouse, light pen, scanners, and joysticks.
  2. Processing Device/data processing: Is hardware contained on a computer to process input / input from users. The example is CPU/Central Processing Unit, ALU.
  3. Output/Output Device: Is hardware that is used to produce a process (output) from a computer user (User). Examples are Monitor, Speaker, and Printer.
Hardware Device Type


Understanding Software or Software is data contained on a computer that is formatted and then stored digitally. You could say that software is a component that is not physically visible, but is contained in a computer. Examples of Software are as follows:

Software consists of 2 types, namely:

  1. Operating system: Is software that is used to connect between hardware and users.
  2. Application Software: Is software that can be applied to meet user needs. Examples are office application software packages such as Libre Office and Microsoft Office.


Understanding Brainware or Human Devices are people who use or operate computers. Examples of Brainware are Programmers, Netters (a term for people who are surfing the Internet), and people who are using computers.
Without this brainware, it is impossible for even sophisticated hardware and software to be utilized optimally.

Relationship Between Hardware, Software and Brainware

Relationship Between Hardware, Software and Brainware

Understanding Hardware, Software, and Brainware above certainly have a relationship with one another. As in the picture, that the three elements have a relationship to create a useful computer.

Hardware or computer hardware if there is no software, then the computer is just a useless machine. Because the software is created to fill the functionality on the computer so that it creates a computer that has a function to use.

If the computer hardware and software has been created, if there is no brainware to operate it, then the computer is just a machine that has no function. You could say just a robot that is silent. So, Brainware or users are one of the important elements to operate a computer in order to create a computer that has functionality and can produce something useful for users.

Conclusion Understanding Hardware, Software and Brainware:

So, it can be concluded that Understanding Hardware, Software, and Brainware is an important element or foundation for building a computer that has functionality and is useful for humans.

That’s a little information that I can give about Understanding Hardware, Software and Brainware. Hopefully the above information can be useful for all of you who have read it.

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