Understanding HUB and its Functions

Hub is a network device that works on OSI layer 1, Physical Layer. So the Hub only works as a connector or concentrator, and only strengthens the signal in the Unshielded Twisted-Pair (UTP) cable. The Hub does not recognize MAC Addressing or Physical Addressing so it cannot sort out the data that must be transmitted so that collisions cannot be avoided from using the Hub.

Hub Functions:

  • Facilitate the addition of removal or addition of workstations.
  • Increase the network distance (can function as a repeater).
  • Provides/facilitates flexibility by supporting different interfaces (Ethernet, Toket ring and FDDI)
  • Offers fault tolerance features.
  • Provide centralized management (information collection, diagnostics).

HUB Type Division

Basically HUB is divided into two types, namely active HUB and passive HUB.

  1. Understanding Active HUB is a HUB that has the ability to amplify the signal or commonly referred to as a repeater. This type of HUB is able to regenerate incoming signals from a computer which is then transmitted back to other computers. Active HUB will be very useful to connect two or more computers with a considerable distance.
  2. The definition of a Passive HUB is a HUB whose only job is to share the incoming transmission signal to the connected computer ports. By using a Passive HUB, it is possible to add a connected computer unit provided that the distance between the computer units and other computers is not too far away.

Weaknesses or Disadvantages Of HUB

  • It belongs to the Layer 1 device in the OSI model (Physical layer).
  • Unable to read data packets.
  • Unable to determine source and destination of data.
  • Only plays a role in receiving and forwarding incoming data to all equipment on the network, including those that send data.

Data speed on the HUB depends on the number of devices or computers that are plugged into the ports on the HUB, so many computer network users leave the HUB and replace it with a switch. What is SWITCH on a computer network, we will discuss in the next JavaNetMedia article.

Thus the definition of HUB and its function on a computer network. May be useful.

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