Understanding Hyperlinks and Their Functions

Hyperlink is a way to connect a section in a slide, file, program or web page with other sections in those fields. Hyperlinks are often used to indicate other locations of text or objects that are shown or presented. Hyperlinks can link multiple files, objects, applications, documents, web pages and more.

Another definition of hyperlink is a text that will direct to another document or page view. Hyperlinks are often known as links, if we click on a hyperlink on a page of a website, it means we have browsed the WWW (World Wide Web) and went to another page or to another document.

Functions of hyperlinks

Hyperlink function, which is more often abbreviated or called Link is a function in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) which has the aim of making it easier for visitors or visitors on a web to browse various information stored on a website they visit, and links are also useful for link between HTML documents.

Links are generally displayed in letters with different colors, when the mouse cursor is directed to the link, the letters will appear underlined and the cursor will usually change shape into a hand drawing pointing at the link. If the link has previously been visited or accessed, the object of the link changes color to purple or other colors. Links can also be attached to images and if we click on the image it will be taken to another view.

That’s an article or post about the meaning and function of hyperlinks, hopefully it’s useful

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