Understanding Inkjet Printers and Explanations

A printer is an electronic media that has a function to print or an output device to issue data/documents or images from a computer to become real through paper media intermediaries. Printers today are not expensive or only owned by rich people, or offices with big businesses, because printers are now reaching the middle class. So do not be surprised if you can find printers everywhere .

Printers themselves are divided into 3 types:

  • Dot Matrix Printers
  • InkJet Printers
  • LaserJet Printers

And this time Printer-Hero will discuss the Inkjet Type Printer. or better known as the use of liquid ink as a raw material for printer use.

Explanation and Understanding of Inkjet Printers

Ink Jet Printer is a type of printer that uses “Dor On Demand” technology, which is to print by spraying small dots (commonly called Dots) of ink on paper through a very small nozzle or pipe hole. A simple way to tell if a printer is an inkjet or not is to see if the printer uses ink for the printing process.

In the Information Age, like this year, inkjet printers already have a fairly large resolution, even up to 9800 dpi, so don’t be surprised if the prints from inkjet printers are getting better and smoother. just try it when compared to a DotMatrix printer whose printouts only use black tape.

The development of printers from large manufacturers such as Canon and HP, they are always developing new technologies, and the last one is with heat, the heat is generated in the cartridge so that the more the heat temperature increases, the more pressing the ink goes to the nozzle so that the process of forming color and printing on paper occurs. This type of Inkjet Printer, the charger model has started to be modified with the Infusion technique, namely by adding a special ink tube on the outside of the printer that functions as an ink reservoir, and in the tube section a special hose is connected to the cartridge on the printer’s part. so that the refill process is more automatic without having to refill the ink through the cartridge.

Advantages and Disadvantages of InkJet Printers

Advantages of InkJet Printers:

  • High Speed ​​in Performing Various Printing tasks.
  • High quality photo prints. (Based on Paper and Ink Usage)
  • Printer prices are relatively cheap.
  • Has the advantage of Ease of Printing Photos Through Camera / Memory.
  • Has a print speed that is more accurate and smoother.

Disadvantages of Ink Jet Printers:

  • For the Black and White printing process, it’s still not as fast with a LaserJet Printer
  • Frequent damage to the cartridge (depending on how to use it).
  • Ink prices are more expensive because you have to buy several colors.
  • Ink May fade when not dry or exposed to liquid.
  • It’s hard to know the ink in the cartridge is running out (Model without Infusion)

That’s the information about Understanding Inkjet Printers and their explanations and explanations, hopefully it’s useful.

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