Understanding Memory Cards and Their Functions

Memory Card is a device that functions as a place to store digital data (such as pictures, audio and video) on a gadget such as a digital camera, PDA and cellphone. The size of this memory card varies from 128MB, 512MB, 1GB and so on, even if there is a Memory Card with a capacity of 32GB and 64GB or more.

Understanding Memory Cards and Their Functions

Types of Memory Cards

  1. Memory Stick

    Memory Stick is a memory card introduced by SONY and patented for its electronic devices. Almost all cameras made by SONY use a memory stick as a storage medium.

  2. Memory Stick Pro and Memory Stick Duo

    It is the second generation of Memory Stick with increased speed and storage capacity.

  3. Memory Stick Micro M2

    The Memory Stick Micro (M2) offers larger data storage, now reaching 8GB in size.

  4. Multimedia Card (MMC)

    Multimedia Card (MMC) is a standard memory card, its shape is larger than a Memory Stick and can be used in an SD Card slot.
    RS-MMC (Reduced Size Multimedia Card) Is the next generation MMC with a smaller size, can be used in MMC or SD Card slots using an adapter.

  5. Secure Digital Card (SD Card)

    The shape of the SD Card is the size of the MMC with faster data transfer speeds. Widely used ranging from cellphones, cameras and computers. SD Card has a switch that functions so that the SD Card is write protected.

  6. Mini SD

    The size is about half the size of an SD Card, it can be inserted into the SD Card or MMC slot using an Adapter.

  7. Micro SD or TransFlash

    Its size is smaller than Mini SD and is widely used in mobile phones today. Data storage capacity can reach up to 16 GB.

  8. XD Card

    Developed by Olympus and Fuji for their camera products.

  9. Compact Flash Card (CF Card)

    Compact Flash Card (CF Card) is the most widely used memory card in digital cameras. Has the fastest data transfer speed because this memory has a controller chip. Besides being able to store multimedia files, it can also store other data files such as text and so on.
    There are two sizes of CF Memory, namely Compact Flash type I and Compact Flash type II. The CF II is thicker (approximately 5mm) than the CF I (approximately 3.3mm) and has a larger storage capacity as well.

  10. Smart Media Card

    The shape is the size of a Flash Card and can store various forms of multimedia files.

Thus the Definition of Memory Card and its Functions, may be useful for all of you.

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