Understanding Power Supply and Its Functions

Power Supply is a computer hardware component in the form of a box / square which functions to convert AC current into DC current which will be used to supply power or electrical voltage directly from an electric voltage source to another electrical voltage. Power Supply is usually used for computers as a conductor of electrical voltage directly to components or other hardware on the computer, such as hard drives, fans, motherboards and so on.

Power Supply has an input from a voltage that carries AC (Alternating Current) and converts it into DC current (Direct Current) and then distributes it to various hardware devices on our computers. Because it is DC (Direct Current) that is needed for hardware to operate, DC (Direct Current) is also known as direct current while AC (Alternating Current) is the opposite current.

Understanding Power Supply in general in a computer is as an electrical voltage converter tool on a computer that can convert an electric voltage that has an AC current into a DC current so that all hardware that requires an electric voltage with a DC current gets an electric voltage that is directly provided by this Power Supply. .

Therefore, in every computer that exists today, the power supply is a hardware device that is most needed to run the computer, if the power supply does not exist or cannot be used, the computer will not be able to turn on without this power supply.

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According to its type, Power Supply is divided into 2 types, namely AT Power Supply and ATX Power Supply. Where the AT Power Supply was only used in the early days of computers and only reached computers that have a Pentium 2 processor, currently the AT Power Supply is no longer used because this type of power supply is no longer able to provide sufficient electrical power for today’s computers, and the operating system is still manual, for example, having to press the on or off button to turn it off and on, it is different with the ATX type power supply, this type is a modern power supply that has high electrical power to meet today’s computer standards, and its operation is automatic. and there is an additional SATA power connector. Above are some understanding of Power Supply in general.

Understanding Power Supply and Its Functions

The following are the functions of the connectors found on the Power Supply:

  • Motherboard 20/24 pin ATX connector, is a connector that is directly connected to the motherboard, which provides the main voltage source for the motherboard.
  • Connector 4/8 pin 12 V, This connector is also commonly called the P4 connector because it was first used with Pentium IV computer processors. This connector serves to provide special power to the processor components.
  • 6 pin AUX Power CableThis component serves to provide power for PCIe-based VGA card components.
  • Connector 4 pin peripheral power cableThis connector is used to provide power to various computer hardware components such as: optical cards, fan casings, and hard drives.
  • Floppy Disk Drive, this connector has a relatively small size that is used to provide power for floppy disks.
  • SATA Power Cable, is a connector that is used to provide voltage to hardware that uses SATA connectors such as hard drives.

This is a brief explanation of Understanding Power Supply and Its Functions, hopefully this discussion can be useful and useful.

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