Understanding Printers and Their Functions

The printer is used to print documents from the computer. This additional hardware has provided considerable benefits for modern human activities. We certainly know that the development of technology is growing rapidly. And, in this development, it cannot be separated from the activity of printing files for certain purposes, such as office documents, schools, etc. That’s where computer printer devices are used to facilitate human work.

Next, let’s look at together what a printer is, its functions and types of computer printers:

Understanding Printers

Printers are hardware (hardware) which is used to print documents on the computer. The document can be text or images. Usually, printers are used to print important company documents, or important documents for schools, governments and more. In essence, a computer printer has a function to print documents/files from a computer.

Printer Function

The function of the printer is to print files/documents from the computer to paper or other media. In the printer there is the term dpi which indicates the resolution of a printer device. The dpi unit is short for dots per inch. That is, dpi shows the number of dots that are 1 inch wide. The higher the dpi of the printer, the better the print quality.

Printer Type

Computer printers can be divided into several types. Each type of printer has a different function. Users can adjust it depending on their individual needs. Some types of computer printers are as follows:

Inkjet Printer

Is a printer device that uses liquid ink of various colors (full colors). This printer is usually used to print documents in the form of text and images of various colors. Examples of Inkjet printers are Canon, Epseon etc

Laserjet Printer

Is a printer that uses powder ink that can only print documents with one color. This printer is almost the same as a photocopier and its operation is easier and faster.

Dotmatric Printer

Is a printer with carbon paper printing ink. Many people use this printer for time and cost efficiency. Usually, dot-matrix printers are installed in supermarkets or minimarkets to print purchase receipts.

That’s the information about Understanding Printers and Its Functions that I can convey here. Hopefully it can help you understand the material about computer printers.