Understanding Touchscreen and its Functions

Touchscreen is a display or screen that is used to determine the presence and location of a “touch” in an area by reading the coordinates of the touch source attached to the screen. This terminology refers to the contact or touch on the screen using the fingers or hands. This technology can also detect the touch of a passive object such as a stylus and the like.

Touchscreen, also known as touch panels or touch monitor, is a computer device that is usually used to display graphic and visual information that is the output of a computer device. However, what distinguishes it from a regular monitor or television screen, what is displayed on it can directly interact physically with its users.

That is, we can directly touch the screen with our hands or tools to access what is displayed on it. In other words, the touchscreen is a monitor that is sensitive to touch and pressure (resistive), so this device has two functions, namely, as an output device because it displays information and input because it receives information.

The data generated from this touch is of course data about the position of our hands that touch the ultrasonic signal. If this is done continuously and there are lots of ultrasonic wave sensors on the media it touches, then it becomes a touchscreen device that can be used.

Understanding Touchscreen and its Functions

How it works:

Touchscreen has three main components in its use, namely Touch Sensor, Controller, Software Driver. The following are the definitions of the three technologies of the touchscreen.

  • Touch sensor, This component is located on the outside of the display as a layer for receiving input from the user or touch. The part that is touched will cause an electric current
  • The controller is a device that processes and changes the signal voltage received from the touch sensor component in the form of an electric current and is connected to a processor or other device.
  • Software Driver, As a means of interpreting the data from the above process that allows the above process to work properly and display it to the interface through the operating system.

Touchscreen Functions:

Touch screen is a screen technology that uses electric current, so that the screen can be touched by fingers/other objects, for example TFR, Capatitive screen, Amoled, Super Amoled, Super Sensitive Screen, Touch Screen First issued by Apple.Inc.

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