Understanding USB OTG Cable and its Functions

USB On-The-Go, often abbreviated as USB OTG, is a specification that allows devices that have a USB port such as digital audio players or cell phones to act as HOSTs, allowing other USB devices such as USB flash drives, mice, or keyboards to be attached to them. . Unlike conventional USB systems, USB OTG can act as a normal USB device when attached to another host.

It can be used to allow the phone to act as a host for a flash drive and read its contents, download music for example, but then act as a flash drive when connected to the host computer and allow the host to read out new content. In short, with this USB On The Go feature, your smartphone or tablet can perform activities like a laptop or desktop PC.

Understanding USB OTG Cable and its Functions

Understanding USB OTG cable

In terms of the word USB OTG cable can be interpreted as Universal Serial Bus On The Go. This USB OTG cable at first did have the main function as a connecting medium, but in later developments it can also be used to transfer data from Flashdisk to cellphone or vice versa.

At first USB for Flashdisk was only found on computer devices such as PCs or laptops, but as technology advances, many mobile phone users also feel like connecting Flashdisk to their cellphone devices. From such a reality, finally the latest innovation emerged in the form of mobile phone accessories called USB OTG cable.

However, it is unfortunate that not all mobile devices, even those with Android OS, can support the use of this USB OTG cable. In addition to the mismatch of slots on the cellphone, the incompatibility of the kernel on Android is also one of the causes. Sometimes certain cellphones require rooting or additional software first so that the function of the USB OTG cable can be run optimally.

USB OTG cable function

For most people, the function of the USB OTG cable is to connect the cellphone with the Flashdisk. Activities that you normally do on a computer such as reading data on a flash drive or transferring data can now be done on your mobile device. But behind that you can also find other functions of the USB OTG cable that still involve cellphones but with other devices as below:

  1. Provides additional memory both internally and externally on your cellphone. This is because when connected to a Flashdisk or Card Reader, the available space automatically belongs to your cellphone.
  2. Not only Flashdisk, but several other computer support components such as Mouse and Keyboard (wireless) or Joystick can also be used on your cellphone using USB OTG.
  3. Reading data on DSLR camera memory or other types can now also be done on your cellphone when conditions may forget not to bring a laptop.
  4. It can also be used as power for emergency lights which are currently available in USB form and are connected to an adapter similar to a cellphone. With this, when the house conditions are out of light, the lights only need to be connected to your cellphone using USB OTG.

In addition to the above functions, there are actually many other functions that can be explored according to the capabilities of your mobile phone, such as for Portable CD, connected to a LAN cable, for reading external hard disk memory or even reading other mobile media. Along with the times, the function of each computer device will also definitely be improved too, including the USB OTG cable.

Understanding USB OTG Cable and its Functions

Advantages and Disadvantages of USB OTG cable

Of the many functions and performances possessed by the USB OTG cable, it will bring up many advantages or advantages that are of course felt by its users. But it can also bring up a deficiency with a record of use that is not in accordance with the rules. This of course should be known by those of you who often use a USB OTG cable or who just want to buy it.

A. Advantages

For the advantages of the USB OTG cable, of course, it is clear after reading the definition or understanding and functions above. Copy paste activities or data transfer between mobile phones and flash drives can be made easier considering that these two tools are most often carried because of their small size and simple to use. You don’t need help from a computer or laptop if you have brought a USB OTG cable. Business affairs will also be more efficient and easier if you use a USB OTG cable.

B. Weaknesses

However, in addition to storing many advantages, it should also be understood that this USB OTG cable still has many shortcomings. One of them is the incompatibility of some mobile devices so that the use of this USB OTG cable is considered to be less flexible. For mobile phones that can use it but have a small RAM also save its own risk, because when connected to a flash, the performance of the mobile phone will automatically decrease.

And when connected to a 64 GB flash drive or even external memory, it could be that apart from getting slower, long-term damage will also occur. The correct and wise use in addition to optimizing the performance of the Flashdisk can also take care of all the components involved.

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