What is the reason? Find Out in This Tutorial

1 More Xiaomi Mi MAX Custom TWRP You Can’t Miss: What’s the Reason? Find Out in This Tutorial

Your Xiaomi Mi MAX has unlocked the bootloader and are confused about installing the best and most suitable custom TWRP Recovery? So, this time, don’t go too far with the official custom TWRP specifically for the Xiaomi Mi MAX. The reason is that in this TWRP recovery, several features have been embedded that are very similar to TWRP ALKA, which belongs to the redmi note 3 pro. What features does it bring? Follow the complete tutorial below:

1 More Custom TWRP Recovery for Xiaomi Mi MAX You Can’t Miss: What’s the Reason? Find Out in This Tutorial

1 More Xiaomi Mi MAX Custom TWRP You Can't Miss: What's the Reason?  Find Out in This Tutorial
1 More Xiaomi Mi MAX Custom TWRP You Can’t Miss: What’s the Reason? Find Out in This Tutorial

One of the things you’ve been waiting for after unlocking the bootloader on the Xiaomi Mi Max is the installation of Custom TWRP. Yup, because having a custom TWRP recovery will make it easier for you in the future, like being able to install ROMs, both China stable and global ROMs on the Xiaomi Mi Max, without having to bother using a computer anymore. Can install SuperSU Root, install mod, backup restore rom and so on.

One of the superior features of this Official TWRP is the ability to back up EFS partitions like the TWRP ALKA of the Redmi Note 3 PRO which is here. As a result, with this Custom TWRP, the EFS partition containing IMEI, based band, mac address, IP on the Xiaomi Mi Max can be secured. If one day your Mi MAX happens to have a null Imei or the Imei is lost, you can fix it by simply restoring the EFS password via TWRP Recovery. The way to install TWRP Recovery on Mi Max is also fairly easy, especially for those of you who are used to it. But don’t worry, for those of you who are diving into Android MIUI for the first time, the admin will still guide you. First of all, prepare the ingredients below:

– Custom TWRP Recovery Mi MAX Helium here
– ADB here
– Original xiaomi usb cable

The method:
1. Admin assumes that your Mi MAX is in an unlocked bootloader condition, if not, please follow the Xiaomi MI MAX bootloader unlock tutorial here
2. Please activate the USB debugging mode on your Mi Max then connect it to the computer
3. If previously your computer did not have Mi PC Suite and Mi flashtool installed, please download the ingredients here first and then install them
4. If the driver installation process occurs, complete it first. If a pop-up menu appears, check always remember then press ok/yes
5. Take the TWRP file above then rename/rename the file to twrp.img
6. Please move the twrp.img file to the C:\Program Files\Xiaomi\MiPhone\Google\Android folder or you can also move it to the ADB folder (download file above)
7. Once in the Android or ADB folder, please press and hold the shift key on the keyboard then right click on mouse and select open command prompt here
8. A CMD window will automatically open
9. The Mi MAX position is already connected to the computer, you type the command adb reboot bootloader then press enter
10. Automatically your MI MAX will enter Fastboot mode which is indicated by the appearance of the Mi bunny logo repairing an android robot
11. After that, continue to type the command fastboot flash recovery twrp.img then press enter
12. The TWRP flashing process will run
13. When finished, please type the command fastboot reboot then enter
14. Automatically your mi max will reboot
15. Done
16. To enter TWRP mode, you can go through the updater or the combination of the power and volume down buttons when the mi max is off. If the mi logo appears, release the power button then press it repeatedly until it enters TWRP Recovery mode

– All risks are borne by the passenger
– TWRP has been tested on the Xiaomi Mi MAX version 64GB and 128GB (helium). So for those with 16GB and 32GB, please test it yourself

This is a tutorial on how to easily install Custom TWRP recovery on Xiaomi Mi MAX. If something is not understood, let’s discuss it together via the comments column. Don’t forget to help admin +1, like and share this tutorial. Regards Admin miuitutorial.com