Xiaomi Redmi 3 is dead because of installing OTG? | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

Xiaomi Redmi 3 is dead because of installing OTG? – Maybe you often use OTG to copy or move files from a flash drive or vice versa. Most of them are also used for other things, such as playing USB joystick games, moving the cursor using an external keyboard. Well, but don’t just plug in OTG, especially without Safely Remove USB. The news of the Totally Dead Redmi 3 aka Dead because OTG is rare but this case is not small.

At first I thought it was bad luck or I got a defective product. Indeed, in the Xiaomi user group, especially Redmi 3, this rarely happens, but there are still cases, although not many.

This is because (possibly) a short circuit in the Charge IC device is very fatal, which is because this IC device is very rare unless you have to cannibalize or take spare parts from other devices that are still alive or dead.

However, the service fee can reach 450 thousand and even more to replace this component, but not all service places can do it because this component is very complicated and difficult.

1. Don’t just buy OTG

OTG is an important key if you don’t want to take risks then you have to buy quality ones even though they are expensive, it doesn’t mean all “cheap” OTGs if used can cause sudden death, aka MATOT, but it’s better to choose better quality so that the possibility of death is less

2. Don’t just plug and unplug the OTG

Maybe it’s the same when plugging in a flash drive on a computer that should be removed Safely blah blah .. which can cause damage to the device. Well, the role of this function is very useful in mobile devices like this in my opinion because it will maintain the age of both devices.

3. Don’t Charge Overnight

Charging a smartphone overnight or charging it continuously is also the cause of damage to the cellphone, although it is unlikely because there is an auto cut circuit feature / automatically turns off the electric current when the battery is full, this needs to be avoided, especially on this series cellphone because it is also risky.